How can my business profit from using Executive Leads?

Executive Leads main objective is to deliver quality leads and live transfers that convert. With each lead and inbound call being call verified to ensure a qualified, intersted prospect, we're confident we can provide you with the ROI better than any other.

What types of leads can Executive Leads provide?

Executive Leads can provide your business with either exclusive leads, shared leads or even Live Transfer leads for your business. Executive Leads specializes in Mortgage Leads, Debt Settlement Leads, Insurance Leads, Loan Modification Leads, Merchant Cash Advance leads and other financial and insurance industries.

» Exclusive leads will be sold to you exclusively and won't be available to any other company for a minimum of 30 days.

» Shared leads will be delivered to you and two other customers in real time. Remember each lead is phone verified to ensure quality.

» Live Transfer Leads which is also known as Pay per Call advertising is an exclusive live transfer lead. With a 100% contact rate and high conversion, you can see your sales and ROI sky rocket by more than 25%.

Regardless if which type of lead you sign up for, every lead from Executive Leads is guaranteed to be a high quality lead.

How can I be assured that all of the leads you provide are quality leads?

We CALL VERIFY each lead seconds after the form has been filled buy our US based call center, and using a sophisticated verification software, Executive Leads is able to carefully screen, one by one, the leads we provide in order to certify that every lead is a quality lead. This system ensures the quality of the lead before it's delivered to a customer.

How do you obtain your leads?

The leads we provide are captured on websites owned and operated by Executive Leads. The company uses several verticals for obtaining the high quality leads, including e-mail marketing, search, social and display advertising.

Which industries can benefit the most from Executive Leads?

Although any business can prosper by having active, motivated buyers hand delivered to them, Health and Life Insurance specialists, Mortgage specialists, and merchant services is a huge specialty market of Executive Leads. Today, the Insurance and Financial market is exploding, and Executive Leads has the systems in place to capture the high quality leads our customers expect.

How do I receive my leads?

Executive Leads will equip you with a free Lead Management tool to monitor and manage your high quality leads. Each lead can be delivered to you by email, text, post to your CRM or even try our NEW iPhone Application to manage your leads and business remotely.

How much does it cost to begin receiving high quality leads?

No startup costs or long-term contracts are necessary. We are looking to earn your business and want you to feel comfortable; we have smaller start up packages for new customers. Speak with a Marketing Specialist.

What if, despite your quality control, a lead I receive turns out not to be a quality lead?

If you ever receive a lead that is not a quality lead, there is absolutely no risk to you. Our free lead management tool allows you to easily and quickly request a refund for the lead. We will review the request and, if the lead turns out to be a wrong name or bogus information, we will honor our guarantee of only providing quality leads and issue you a refund. Remember, we phone verifiy both live transfer leads and internet leads before we deliver them to you, so lead refund requests will be minimal.

What are the advantages of using Executive Leads over other lead generating companies?

Only Executive Leads has an extensive verification process for each lead before it's disbursed to assure the quality of all leads. Each lead is Call Verified by our Live Agents to confirm authenticity for both real time and live transfer leads.

Sounds risk-free! How do I begin getting phone verified leads right away?

It's easy. Simply call 866-916-7695 to speak with an Executive Leads marketing specialist for a free consultation and to begin getting your high quality leads today. Contact Us Today!


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