Pain Cream Leads


Are you a doctor or pharmacy who specializes in pain management? Executive Leads can deliver exclusive Pain Cream Leads in real time. People who have chronic pain and looking for a remedy complete our form online. We make sure each applicant has private or employer health insurance and fits your criteria.

We can provide you with a steady flow of Topical Pain Cream Leads that perform. We can customize a lead proposal to fit your needs, niche and target market.

* Exclusive Lead
• Guaranteed quality
• Immediate real-time delivery
• FREE Lead Management Software


With our high contact rate, you'll keep your sales team busy talking to prospects and not wasting their time trying to get them on the phone. For people who understand the need for quality pain leads, Executive Leads has the products that will outperform any other lead provider.





Pain Cream Leads- An internet driven lead that is generated by one of our many websites. The lead is ran through our software to screen for bad information and to make sure it fits your crtiteria.


Pain Cream Live Transfer Leads (Pain Cream Live Transfer Leads) A llive transfer that's generated through Radio, TV and/or Internet. (Each Lead goes through an IVR to confirm qualifications)

100% Connect Rate every time!


FREE Lead management Software

Your lead purchase comes with a FREE lead management tool, access all your leads and reports with the click of the mouse. With our software being a hosted solution, you can login from anywhere. Each lead can be delivered by email, text, New iPhone app or even post directly into your existing CRM.


How do I begin getting Topical Pain Cream Leads right away?

It's easy. Simply call 866-916-7695 to speak with an Executive Leads marketing specialist for a free consultation and to begin getting your high quality leads today. Contact Us Today!


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